Vicious Sky EP

Album Info

Released : January 1996

Recorded on: Cassette

Instruments : Yamaha PSS-790


Peter Nuttall - Music/Lyrics/Vocals

Douglas Hunter - Lyrics

Ian Forbes - Lyrics

Nicola Dunn - Lyrics


There were only three new songs on the EP so it was padded out with some covers and some re-recordings.  ‘I can hear you’, ‘No Room at the Inn’ (which was our first and only attempt at a Christmas Song) and ‘So This Pain’ were the only new tracks but we’d given ‘Alive’ a rehash with a new chorus and dug ‘Sentiment’ up out of the outtakes from the Citadel EP the previous year.  ‘So this Pain’ has been one of those songs that hangs around without really being allowed into the party.  We keep thinking about re-doing it but get distracted by other, better stuff instead.  One day maybe.  - Peter

Track Listing

1. I Can Hear You - Nuttall

2. Remind me to Smile - Numan

3. No Room at the Inn - Hunter/Nuttall

4. Voices - Numan/Sharpe

5. So This Pain - Forbes/Nuttall

6. Alive (‘96) - Nuttall

7. Give Back Life - Nuttall

Bonus Tracks

1. Sentiment - Forbes/Nuttall

2. Before the Fall - Forbes/Nuttall

3. Demons and Angels - Hunter/Nuttall

4. I Won’t be Here - Nuttall

5. Final Breath - Dunn/Nuttall