The Message

Album Info

Released : September 1995

Recorded on: Cassette

Instruments : Yamaha PSS-790


Peter Nuttall - Music/Lyrics/Vocals

Douglas Hunter - Lyrics

Chris Barber - Music


This was the first album that had more than one decent song on it.  Each of the predecessors had one stand out song with a lot of fillers.  ‘Want you’ deserved better technology than we had and someone who could play a guitar.  ‘When I hear Luther sing’ was our first tribute to one of our heroes, of which there’d be a few more.  The Beatles covers were probably a mistake but then, all the cover versions we did back then were.  This album was practice for producing something approaching an actual coherent collection of songs that worked as a unit.  That would come next.

- Peter

Track Listing

1.Want you - Hunter/Nuttall

2. When I hear Luther sing - Hunter/Nuttall

3. Darkest Hour - Hunter/Nuttall

4. The River  - Hunter/Nuttall

5. Love Love - Nuttall

6. Love You - Nuttall

7. If There’s a God in heaven - Hunter/Nuttall

8. Idiot House - Barnes

9. Let it rain (Demo) - Hunter/Nuttall

10. Women of Ireland - Nuttall

11. Light a fire - Nuttall/Hunter

12. Greed - Nuttall

13. What a night - Nuttall

14. Helter Skelter - Lennon/McCartney

15. I Feel fine - Lennon/McCartney

16. We can work it out - Lennon/McCartney

17. Yesterday - Lennon/McCartney

18. War Memory - Nuttall

19. Urban Fox (Ext mix) - Hunter/Nuttall/Barber