(I only need) One Heart

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All we can work on is what we’re given

To make the best of this life we’re livin’

But there comes a time for every man

To give to whoever he thinks he can but what have I got to give?

What do I know about this world where we live?

All we can work from is where we are

To make the best of the journey no matter how far

But there comes a time to look inside

I’ll give my all, you won’t be denied

What could stop me from giving my all?

I know I’ll catch you should you ever fall


I’ve got two arms to hold you

I’ve got two eyes to help you find your way

I’ve got two feet to walk and take you to a much better day

I’ve got two hands to work to help you get the best start

But when I want to love you I only need one heart

All we can do is really never enough

Do we want those we leave behind to live a life so tough?

There comes a time when you truly realise

How much magic is in the innocence of children’s eyes

What have I really got to give?

What have I learned about this world where we live?

All our starting points are different in the human race

But we’re all on the same journey trying to find a better place

My job is to make sure you get thru alright

Show you that in the darkness there’ll be some light

Call me when you need me, no matter how rough the ride

I’m always there for you; I’ll be right by your side


Originally on : Songs in a new minor

Year : 2000

Words : Douglas Hunter (November 2000)

Music : Peter Nuttall (November 2000)

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Concord (Washington)

A song for Reece Cameron

- Douglas

This song was written around the same time (and with the same sound) as ‘My Reason’ and ‘Always Tomorrow’.  I took these lyrics to work, drew a music stave on a bit of paper and whilst working (or looking like I was working) tried coming up with melodies and putting the dots down.  This song should have been on ‘Bail’ where it’s musical cousins ended up but for whatever reason, it ended up as a bonus track on the end of SIANM.  It would have been a B-side if we’d been releasing singles at the time.

– Peter