“I do”

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If this is how it goes

And I’m aware that she knows

I’m not the only one to say “I do”

But what does it mean to me

Oh baby, can’t you see?

I’m not the only one to say “I do”

If this life was meant to end

We don’t know how to pretend

If love is the reason

For cheating and treason


I can’t find the reason

I can’t see the way

Although it means more to say “I do”

Living now like we’re gone today and here tomorrow

What can I say?

Trying my best just to see it through

Will it come back to me and you?

I’m gonna make it on my own

Gonna live my life my own way

Can’t see the truth in this fatal life

There’s nothing left to say


Originally on : Impressions

Year : 1995

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha PSS-790

Written in : Birtley (January 1995)

I spent a long time trying to sound like Erasure. Vince Clarke was and still is a personal hero. I still like the bombastic opening synthy anthem of this song. I’d not long been writing lyrics - a few years or so - and I still didn’t have a voice. I’d used a line ‘oh baby, can’t you see’.  Not quite in the realms of genius.

I can’t remember why but I remember writing this song as a kind of anti-marriage thing. A kind of, I’m going to do this ‘life’ thing all on my own.  The theme returned in the song ‘Mr. Toldyouso’ a few years later.

– Peter

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