“Go to Bed”

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For us there’s nowhere else to go

You’re tired, bored, nowhere to go

So let’s not hold the pain too long

I’m ready let’s not get it wrong

You’re so right, I know I am, let’s not fight, I wasn’t going to

Walk away, thoughts fading, yesterday

Stop crying that won’t solve the pain

Stop trying we can win this game

It’s nothing we can’t get through

Let’s work to make it feel so new

I’m not here, least you say you’re not

Sound the fear; well I hope you’re not

Just ignore, the sound of the phone, no more!!!!!

Stop crying that won’t solve the pain

Stop trying you won’t win the game

You’re lying no surprise again

No hiding, were on the wrong train

No disguise, I know it’s over, you can’t hide, I’m completely sober

I’m in love, with another, you can’t leave

So happy, you fell down again, it can’t be all you have to trade

I love you it’s gone from the heart into the darkest little part

No more lies, they drown me, did you cry, I found me

In the night, you can’t sleep, think of me

I can’t be alone without the thought

Of being alone so far apart, i can’t be alone

Never said , “go to bed”


Originally on : Glittermoon

Year : 1998

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Birtley

It’s about uncertainty, about bad relationships and about not being able to work out how you actually feel - rather than settling for something that’s just ok.  There’s a conversation in the song between two lovers, ‘You’re so right; I know I am; let’s not fight; I wasn’t going to’. That’s how I was feeling at the time.  There’s also a line in it from something I was told by someone I didn’t like very much.  They fell over walking to work and had to go home to get changed. The funny part was it was the second time it had happened to them in a week.   That’s what the line ‘So happy, you fell down again’ is about.

– Peter

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