(Even on the) Blackest Night

Song Info

Standing on my own

Don’t know where to turn

Made a few mistakes in my life

Don’t know if they’ve made me learn

But they were my decisions

They were my mistakes

This is my life I’m living

I decide all the stakes

When nobody’s on your side

You’re being put to the test

You’ve got to look inside

Things always turn out for the best

Standing at a crossroads

Looking for a path to take

Decision like this in life

Are the ones you’ve got to make

When things seem to go wrong

They’re still better than the could have been

Real hardship ain’t something

That you have really seen

The blackest night won’t last so long

You can always see the other side

Look to your heart and be storng

You can always turn the tide


Even on the blackest night you’ll still find a star that’s shining

And even the darkest cloud

Can’t escape its silver lining

Even when it all seems wrong

There’s always some righty

There’s always a sunrise after the blackest night

Standing at the start of a journey

Ready to take the first pace

The journey we all know as life

Is a one I’ve got to face

When the chips are down

And you know what hits the fan

You got one choice where you want to be

In the fire or the frying pan

When your back’s up against the wall

When your hanging against the ropes

You got stand up, stand tall

Fight for your dreams and your hopes


Originally on : Too much sky (not enough heaven)

Year : 2001

Words : Douglas Hunter (November 1998)

Music : Peter Nuttall (November 2001)

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Concord (Washington)

Such a powerful lyric. One of those that makes you reconsider how you’re going to approach the day, when you’re feeling a little defeated. The song has a bit of a gospel, chilled-out R&B quality to it.

– Peter