Dark Heart

Album Info

Released : July 1996

Recorded on: Cassette

Instruments : Yamaha PSS-790


Peter Nuttall - Music/Lyrics/Vocals

Douglas Hunter - Lyrics

Ian Forbes - Lyrics

Steven Mee - Lyrics

Nicola Dunn - Lyrics


Gary Numan released ‘Machine and Soul’ just before the album that defined his rise back to prominence. He openly admitted how much he hated it. (I liked it personally).  Dark Heart is Urban Fox’s ‘Machine and Soul’.  An album searching for a direction, one with no singles on it and one which started life as a concept (wanting to write one song with everyone who’s ever collaborated with Urban Fox but ending up with lyrics from someone I knew through a friend, more of Doug’s genius and an odd set of lyrics about being ‘down’ somewhere.  It was a low point and one at which I could have just given up but I turned to the Gary Numan album that followed ‘Machine and Soul’, ‘Sacrifice’ and one of the songs on there, ‘Magic’ to inspire what would become Urban Fox’s greatest hour so far.

- Peter

Track Listing

1. Look at us now  - Hunter/Nuttall

2. Perfect World - Mee/Nuttall

3. Pray (Prelude) - Nuttall

4. Little Miss Ego - Nuttall

5. Come Home - Dunn/Nuttall

6. Pray (The final love song) - Nuttall

7. Better to Burn out (than fade away) - Hunter/Nuttall

8. When Tomorrow Comes - Hunter/Nuttall

9. Where dreams are made - Hunter/Nuttall

10. Down - Forbes/Nuttall