Citadel EP

Album Info

Released : June 1995

Recorded on: Cassette

Instruments : Yamaha PSS-790


Peter Nuttall - Music/Lyrics/Vocals

Ian Forbes - Lyrics


Written and recorded in 3 days, this EP was quite a diversion from what we’d been writing before and opened a door to a more mature and polished style. More cover versions and one ill judged one in ‘Every Breath You Take’, even though it was there because of the theme (this was a concept album after all). Each track had a sound bite before them taken from various radio programs (on various stations) broadcast on 12th June 1995.  ‘Interlude 3’ was included to make up the number of tracks to 10, even though it was only three notes and 2 seconds long.

- Peter

Track Listing

1. Déjà Vu - Forbes/Nuttall

2. Set Me Free - Forbes/Nuttall

3. Siren Song - Clarke/Bell

4. Ideas as Opiates - Orzabal

5. Lonely Poison - Forbes/Nuttall

6. Stone - Forbes/Nuttall

7. Interlude 2 - Nuttall

8. Every Breath You Take - Sting

9. Regrets - Forbes/Nuttall

10. Interlude 3 - Nuttall