Citadel II

Album Info

Released : 26th December 1995

Recorded on: Cassette

Instruments : Yamaha PSS-790


Peter Nuttall - Music/Lyrics/Vocals

Douglas Hunter - Lyrics

Nicola Dunn - Lyrics


This was a companion album to Citadel EP which was released in June.  It contained songs written with lyrics that had remained unused from the original Citadel sessions and a few unearthed gems.  ‘Used, abused and confused’ was on a tape Doug gave me from a previous songwriting partnership. I just re-did the music and recorded a new vocal. As you can tell, I was still listening to a lot of Gary Numan and it felt like there would never be a Fox album without a cover of one of his tunes.  I’d discovered multi-tracking by this point so ‘Demons and Angels’ was given a make-over with harmonies, which seemed to work quite well.  ‘Give back life’ would have been perfect on the Vicious Sky EP but at the time I didn’t know there’d be enough material for another release within three weeks of this album so it went on here as a bonus track.  - Peter

Track Listing

1. What I Had - Nuttall

2. Respect - Numan

3. Used, abused and Confused - Hunter/Hutchinson

4. Let it rain - Hunter/Nuttall

5. Before the fall - Forbes/Nuttall

6. Found - Nuttall

7. I’m on automatic - Numan

8. Demons and Angels (Harmonic) - Hunter/Nuttall

9. I Won’t be Here - Nuttall

10. Final Breath - Dunn/Nuttall

11. Bloodletting Go - Orzabal

12. I Wonder - Numan

Bonus Track

13. Give back life - Nuttall