Brought Every Truth Home

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I'm losing 10 minutes at a time

In my day dreams

She’s taking pieces of my day

Or so it seems

I know this path must be walked

But I'll be there alone

Hand in hand through the desert

As dry as our bones

I'd rather have regrets

About something I did

Than regret the things I've never done

I'd rather have respect

For the life I hid

Than have respect for you alone


My mind shuts down I can't rationalise

My heart takes over, over sensitised

My sense in override, my loyalty burns

I surf her tide as her world turns

Two days that took two years, waiting for the call

While the cat is away this mouse shouldn’t play at all

There’s a lot to lose but I’d risk everything

Which path do I choose? I know I’ll still sing

Around me I need them, they hold me

Stop me from falling, around me I feel them

They touch me, stop me from falling


Originally on : Enchanted

Year : 2003

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Piano

Written in : High Spen

I don’t think this song needs much explaining. We all, at some time, meet that someone who stops us thinking about anything else, all day.

– Peter

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