Bring it on

Song Info

How long’s it been now? I kinda lose track

Getting lost in this kinda life

I can’t find my way back

I guess it’s been a while now

Since I started down this road I chose

I’m good at starting new chapters

Need a little practice bringing them to a close

I can’t let go or slow down

I’ll never know what I’m after ‘til it’s found


Bring it on, bring it on

It’ll either make me worse or make me strong

Bring it on, bring it on

I’ll never wear me down ‘cause my spirit is strong

Bring it on

How long’s it meant to take?

Have I strayed from the plan?

Took the wrong turn at Albuquerque

I just don’t understand

I guess it’s taken some time now

To appreciate all that I’ve learned

As long as I know where I am now

Don’t analyse every corner I’ve turned

I can’t let go or ease up off the pace

Can’t run too slow in this life long race


Originally on : To be Confirmed

Year : 2002

Words : Douglas Hunter (April 2002)

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Concord

There are a few songs that link together in our back catalogue. This is one of a few about where life takes us, how we get where we are and what it’s really all about.  25/8 is one of those and ‘This road I chose’ is another.  ‘Bring it on’ is us evaluating how we’re getting on being all late twenties and what have you.  Still loving what challenges are being thrown at us, not being cynical at all, just that old ‘what doesn’t kill you’ cliché.  It’s also our one and only reference to Albuquerque.

– Peter