Boy meets girl

Song Info

Stay up late and try to write a song That nobody is going to hear

Trying hard to string some rhymes along

Try to make it work but get nowhere near

Wake up on a cold and lonely day

By myself as the world comes alive

I’ve done it a thousand times the same way

I’ve always managed to survive, but then you came into my heart

Got me thinking thoughts so strange, tore the world I knew apart

Lady its’ been a hell of a change

Stay up late thinking about you, finally put a tune to the rhyme

Now I can’t pass a day without you, you’re on my mind all the time

Wake up in a cold and lonely bed

But then I turn and see you’re here

I get lonely the thoughts out of my head

When I hold you tight and pull you near

Every day just gets much better

Our love grows rich and it grows strong

But one day I came home to find no you, but a letter

That tells me I’m sweet but so long

Stay up late with my guitar

A pizza and a six pack with the late night TV

Cursing at the light of the shooting star

All my songs had changed to a minor key

Wake up bitter after dreaming of sweetness

Shed a tear cause I know it not real

Feel so empty after knowing completeness

Well at least now I know how it ought to feel

Get out a and search for it in the cold day

By myself as the world comes alive

It’s the first time I’ve felt bad in this way

But I guess I’ll learn to survive


Originally on : Bail

Year : 2001

Words : Douglas Hunter (27th Dec 1994)

Music : Peter Nuttall (June 2001)

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Concord

I thought this lyric was great the moment I saw it and took my time over the song.  It didn’t work, no matter what I tried so it stayed in the lyric pile for a few years.  I took it out again in 2002 and wrote some simple chords on the piano and it all happened quite quickly. I really should have ‘stayed up late with my guitar, a pizza, a six pack with the late night TV’. It was written on a hot Wednesday afternoon, with a bottle of Frijj. Do they still do them?

– Peter