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Vote for me, I’ll make a difference to your life

It’s what the propaganda says

Amnesty on guns don’t forget the knife

But that won’t make poverty go away

Democratic process to involve all

Ivory towers, pride before the fall

This utopia we all live in

Just give in to society of sin


We’re all just bones in the end

We’re all alone my friend

We’re all just bones

In the end

You credit can’t be extended more than this

The faceless computer claims

Positions we can’t defend

And CEOs are just the same

Redundancy to take

No one to aid

Hopes get high and then quickly fade

People on the streets they’ve got home

There’s no food just skin and bone


Originally on : Tales from the Funky Noir

Year : 2010

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : High Spen

I love the line ‘We’re all just bones in the end’. Like we’ve all got the same exit no matter where or how we live.  It’s a political song at heart but I always hear it on a different level, a spiritual one.  It’s my favourite on the album.

– Peter

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