Blues Town

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I get up and I won’t come back down

It’s a drug this salient town

I can feel the music thumping

In the street the lights are jumping


And it’s midnight now

And the bands are playing loud

There’s people walking the streets

They follow the heat

So many buildings jump to the beat

In old Blues Town

They get up and dance their troubles out

In a rut ‘til they hear B.B. shout

Windows shake when they hear those horns scream

They can wake reality from dreams

They know James sings the blues

He doesn’t need violins to get his message through

But when that kick-drum booms

There’s a kinda magic that fills the room


Originally on : Paradise

Year : 2008

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Piano

Written in : Newcastle

In Utrecht, June 1997 they had a festival called the ‘blues route’. Each and every bar had live music – you could go from pub to pub and listen to live blues, R&B as it used to be and Jazz.  It was a magical time and everybody was a music lover that night.  The song ‘debuted’ in a song writing session in the centre of Newcastle. It only had a chorus at the time but it soon came together because the lyrics were already there.

I’m not sure if James did sing the blues but it’s still a good line.  I don’t like how the first line of the song is also the first line of ‘Jump’ by Van Halen because I’m never sure if I came up with that on my own or whether it was already in there.

– Peter

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