Blue Star

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We got the river, we got the beat

We got the lights on every street

We got the good times eight days a week

We got the ladies so very chic

The night is never cold

The nights always last

There’s a blue tint to the gold

Don’t let yourself get outclassed

(Look to the)


Blue Star, it lights up the northern sky

Blue Star, it can lift you up so high

Dance under the Blue Star, drink it up while you can

Blue Star, Every woman and every man

We got the party, we got the place to go

We got the venue, we all got the know

We got the good times twenty five hours a day

We got fun time if you can afford to pay

The night never ends

Even when day spills across the sky

We’ll always defend

The Blue Star that’ll always fly

There’s a Blue Star flying

There’s tomorrow crying

But who’s gonna lead us there?

If you can find the beat

And the vibe on the street

The Urban Fox got something to share

The North-East coast

Is the place where the most

Action is going down

If you know where to look

And deal with not going by the book

You’ll find a brand new sound

A product of where I’m grown

See but I know I’m not alone

Urban Fox (Yo!)

Boys you still there? (Yeah!)

Rob Shadon on the beats

And Abyss on the bass

And the smartly dressed cat we rock this place

Soon we’ll be there

Train plane or car

Cab Yo! Take me to the party by the Blue Star


Originally on : Electrified

Year : 2004

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Birtley

It’s about Newcastle.  I think there’s been one other we did, ‘North-East of Eden’, and I feel there might be another…

After the original, Doug wrote a rap which tied it into his book ‘Blue Star Black Diamond’ as the song was used in a ‘Battle of the bands’.  

– Peter

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