Blue skies

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We’re in love and that you can’t deny

I say hello and you look to the sky

I’m not the one who hurt you bad

You were the only true love I ever had

Clouds cleared in what seemed like years

Explaining life in one swift word

It seemed I’d lived without a care

And with the words I’d never heard

I see through glass to water falling down

I believed in love, I saw it in you

Mirrored tears fall from your eyes

And now you love me too

The rain now clouds have cleared

Hides my pain and hides my tears


I’m always thinking of you when I close my eyes

At least I think it was you behind your disguise

I look to heaven and I see clear blue skies

But all I can recall are our long goodbyes


Originally on : Reflection

Year : 1995

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha PSS-790

Written in : Birtley

I used to sit in bed with a hardback notebook and pen, writing everything down. I didn’t understand love at the time so it’s all quite hollow.  

– Peter

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