Better to burn out (than fade away)

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I’ve seen people come and go

Lost touch with the ones I used to know

But you can’t let it get you, gotta keep on

You could call it heartless, could call it just strong

The years have rolled by and I’m still around

I never let the hurt get me down

I wanna go out in glory, go down in flames

I wanna be remembered, have people singing my name


I’m not gonna roll over and die

I’ve got one foot in the grave

I’ll keep on reaching for the sky

It’s better to burn out than fade away

I’ve seen the years come and roll past

I guess there’s nothing really built to last

That’s the way of the world; fight it you’re a fool

But there’s one exception to every rule

I’ve had a misspent life; at least it’s been spent

I don’t wanna look back wondering where it went

I’ll keep going up ’til the final bell

After that who knows, who can tell?

I’m not gonna roll over and die

I’m not gonna step aside no way

I’ll keep reaching for the sky

It’s better to burn out than fade away


Originally on : Dark Heart

Year : 1996

Words : Douglas Hunter (Feb ‘96)

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha PSS-90

Written in : Birtley

I didn’t know that this was a quote from Kurt Cobain at the time.  I’d been struggling a lot with my songwriting around the ‘Dark Heart’ era. I’d just bought a PSS-90 and was trying to get to grips with the drum sequencer and synth (which you can hear in bundles on this track).  Thankfully, what I failed on with Dark Heart, I quickly got up to speed with on ‘Magic’ which followed.

– Peter

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