Belong to me

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I was tempted by the offer but I had to decline

I had a dream approaching folklaw

And a stranglehold in time

Here she comes again

And I’m hanging by my laces

Waiting for the train

A ghostly refrain

If you’re lost belong to me

Follow me around

If you’re lost belong to me

Follow me around

Come on and grab the magic key and unlock the door


Originally on : n/a

Year : 1997

Words : Paul Lee

Music : Paul Lee

Main Instrument : Guitar

Written in : Lanchester

It was around the time of the initial ‘Chiseaux’ sessions when I gave a tape of demos to Paul Lee, a guy I worked with who had been in a genuine straight-up 80s pop band with some chart success.  I forget the name of the band but he’d been screwed over by the execs who kept all the rights to the songs he’d written and left him with nothing.

‘Belong to me’ was one of the songs he’d recorded recently along with another song ‘Money’.  I remember being chuffed when he said to me one day ‘can I keep your tape for another week?’ and commented that he loved ‘Ignore me’.

I re-recorded ‘Belong to me’ years after we’d lost touch and gave his original demo a bit of something I thought it lacked. He’d disagree though.

– Peter

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