Before the fall

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Walking alone on a cold misty night

I wonder what you’re doing tonight


You're with him you're not with me

In your arms where I always want to be

I open the door once more I’m home

Sit down should I pick up the phone

If I spend my life

Playing your game

When I lose

Then who do I blame?

When do I choose?

Do I just sing the blues?

You're having a good time

I'm alone but that's no crime

Pride comes before a fall

Chorus 2

I saw you one last time

But you said you'd never be mine

Pride comes before the fall

But you don't love me at all


Originally on : Citadel 2

Year :  1995

Words :  Ian Forbes

Music :  Peter Nuttall (8.12.95)

Main Instrument : Yamaha PSS-790

Written in : Birtley

Video on YouTube : Here

The lyrics came from the original Citadel EP sessions in June 1995. I’m not sure how others perceive this song but from the inside, singing it, the atmosphere and lyrics take me away from everything and back to that night Ian was talking about in the opening verse.  His ‘cold misty night’ had been around Xmas 1994 and mine was at the start of December 1995.

The one thing about the title is, I’m not really sure to this day what the ‘pride’ is in the song and what ‘fall’ followed.

– Peter

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