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Don’t miss me, you will if you blink

Well I live life to the full I ain’t got time to think

The fellas know my name

Ladies know me on sight

Just give me half a chance I‘ll give you one hell of a night

If you think you’re up to it

If you think you’re qualified

I’ll teach you more than you’ll learn in any book

Do you want me or second best?

You better decide

Cos you only get one chance to take a second look


Better step back and take stock

I may not be Fred Flintstone but I’ll make your bed rock

Give in to the dance and don’t ever stop

Fred Flintstone’s half as good as me when I make your bed rock

Don’t hesitate if you do you’re lost

Baby I got expensive taste

Don’t think about cost

Don’t bother with prayers

Nothing will save you

You’re spending the night with the man that god prays to

If you think you can keep up with me

You’re welcome to try

I’ll take you on a round trip to heaven

You’re my angel in my arms you will fly

Out of ten tonight I think I’ll be eleven


Take off your hat, take off your dress

Take off your shoes and socks

Ain’t nothing gonna get in my way when I make your bed rock

Just lay back and think of England

Or think of me that’d be nice

I know if I had to choose between the two I wouldn’t think twice

I’ll take you to my castle

We’ll lock all the doors

By the time I’m finished sugar you’ll be screaming for more

My bed’s nice and soft I’ll lay you down

I’ll be rock hard in a funky place just tell me where that’s found

Whatever you wanna do, I got whips chains and locks

all for you to have a good time when I make your bed rock

Fella’s (Yo)

Tell her I’m gonna ring her bell

I clock fifteen on the Richter scale and it only goes up to twelve

Band (Wat?)

Tell me it’s gonna be kinda right

Girl they’re gonna make a movie outta what happens to you tonight


Originally on : The Kibblesworth Sessions

Year : 1992

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Darren Spark

Main Instrument : Electric Guitar

Written in : Kibblesworth

This song took on a life of It’s own after a while.  I’d been unable to make the first ever meeting of ‘Urban Fox’ so Doug and our guitarist at the time, Darren, had written this and another song ‘Without you’.  When we met the following week, I came in with the entire structure of the song complete and added some keyboards and sequenced drums.  From that moment it became a signature, something that brings a smile back whenever we hear or play it.  It’s been re-recorded a few times, in 1995 with a new outro and again in about 2007-ish with Richie Schulz (The Hornet) on guitar again with an extra few verses.

– Peter