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Here’s a story about a man

It was ten years ago

He laughed at everything

And knew what he had to know

His life was all about places

In the world and inside

He’s been there time and again

To keep the memories alive

The things he missed

Are things he can do without

Now they’re gone

He’s left without a doubt

Where he’s been

The secrets are colourful

And under the noise

The silence is beautiful

Here’s a story about a girl

It was ten years ago

She hated everything

And broke down every door

Her life was so unfair

The anger she built inside

She wonders why he’s not there

And why her future died

The things she missed

Are things she needs right now

Now they’re gone

She dreams her dreams out loud

Where she’s been

There’s nothing so wonderful

Underneath the noise

The silence is beautiful


Originally on : Light is a feather

Year : 2013

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Pro-tools Xpand2

Written in : High Spen

Video on YouTube : Here

Download link : Here

This has a lot of emotional energy in it. It’s about coping with those moments in life that could destroy you. There’s a deal of being responsible for those situations too, in the second verse.

– Peter

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