Be a man

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Acting like a player, everything’s a game

Do what only I want, every day the same

Looking for a thrill

Each and every kind of high

Beg steal or borrow

Just to reach the sky

Got a monkey on my back

It’s not just me carrying it around

Got think of those I love

Before they’re all brought down


Got to be a man

Think it through

Sticking to the plan

Think of those who love you

Change your ways

Try to understand

Be better days ‘til you be a man

The next roll of the dice got money to burn

I’ve got to think twice but you never learn

The next turn of the card

Well there’s got to be higher stakes

Then you fall so hard

And your dream just breaks

You need to buy food for you kid and put clothes on his back

But you repeat each bad move you did

Always falling and that’s a fact


Originally on : Tales from the Funky Noir

Year : 2010

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : High Spen

It’s about responsibilities. I think the ‘man’ part is just to say, ‘man up’, whether you’re a man or a woman.

– Peter

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