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This time, this time

Do you want to see me? Why don’t you believe me?

This time, this time

Break the empty promise, my money is on this

Take time, take your time

Never knew the reason to change another season

Take time, take your time

I’m the one who lost it; I’m the one to blame.

I’ll be under the sea

I’ll be nowhere at all

I’ll be you and me

Will we be there for –


So comes the rain (I sing)

So comes the sun (I will)

Feel the rain

Time to wonder about

Who caused the thunder?

Big time, big time

Think I’m gonna make it, If I can I’m gonna save it

No time, no time

Never shout about it, you can do without it

Save time, saving time

I can feel the sorrow, cutting through tomorrow

My time, high time

It’s the way of fear, never got so near

You’ll be under the sea, you’ll be where I can see you

You’ll mean nothing to me, will I be there for….


Originally on : Transfection

Year : 1997

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha PSS-790

Written in : Birtley

I’m pretty sure this was the last song I wrote before the change in our technology.  It was written and recorded on the old tech and then I recorded it again using the new keyboards and mixing desk. It sounded worse if anything.

Spiritually, it’s the sequel to ‘I will be there’ as it was written in the same session and has all the same hallmarks. It was such a difficult time for me personally at the end of ‘97 and that comes out in the lines ‘I’ll be under the sea, I’ll be nowhere at all’.  It was the start of a string of bland uninspired non-songs which didn’t end until at least two years later with the ‘Little Ghost’ album.

– Peter

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