Apart together

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My telephone's alone

Needs my touch

If I stare too long

Will it be long enough?

She needs to hear me

I need to hear her words

We need to feel it

What only angels heard


I'm with me and you're with you

Why not be together?

I'm in need, you're in blue

Alone, we'll bleed forever

I concede and you can't see

We're apart together

I need me and you just you

Why not be together?

My telephone rang

Heard my fear

Not who I wanted

Wanted to hear

I need to call her

I need to speak those words

I need to tell her

Which pain I prefer


Originally on : Electrified

Year : 2004

Words : Peter Nuttall (October 2010)

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Birtley

When you fall so quickly for all the wrong reasons it feels you’re not getting everything you deserve.

It’s quite obviously about two people who like each other but don’t really get it.

– Peter

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