Another sad song

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Where’s the star in the sky

Where’s the hope around in here

Another bitter tear in the eye

Another word less clear

When the nights are dark and the days are short

The lights go down and the dreams are caught

Between yesterday and where I’m heading to

The fares too much to pay I’ll keep moving through


Another sad song is sung

Looking at what another year has brought

Another sad song leaves me colder

Sound fades and I just feel old

Where’s the tender word?

Where is the mother holding her child?

Another new start goes unheard

Another memory defined

When the nights are lonely and the days are long

The only option is for you to be strong

Between the choices

Glad you didn’t take, make sure you’re paid for each mistake

Chorus 2

Another sad song I sing

Christmas tears that once again sting

Another sad song in a minor key

A recurring theme for me


Originally on : The man in the sun

Year : 2009

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : High Spen

It’s where a lot of us spend time in our heads whether it be walking to work in the rain or standing at a bus stop in December at night in sub-zero temperatures.  It’s not easy to think positive happy thoughts and appreciate what you’ve got. It’s simple on sunny days but winter is why we drink isn’t it? Christmas and all that?

– Peter