Another false dawn

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I’ve been trying for so long

To make my way in this world

I’ve been trying for so long

Making sure it don’t unfurl

I thought it could be different

Thought it was my time

But this is just another fall

Got to pay for another crime


Another false dawn, it rose

Another performance draws to a close

Another false dawn dies

Another false dawn breaks down and cries

Another false dawn fades to grey

Another prayer someone forgot to say

I’ve been trying for so long

To find my own particular place

I been trying for so long

To break out of this lonely space

I thought it could be different

Thought this time it could be all I have won

But the score was settled

Before I even begun


Originally on : Caffeine and Alcohol

Year : 2005

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Birtley

I had nothing to give after ‘Six String’ and ‘Confidence in Acceleration’.  They contained some of the best songs in Urban Fox’s catalogue so it was impossible to follow.  We had a lot of jamming sessions with our then guitarist Ritchie Schulz.  He had perfect pitch and knew how to build a complicated chord.  Whilst it was all very musical, we wrote very few songs.  ‘Sincere’ was the only song that made it out but it never made it onto an album.  For the ‘Caffeine and Alcohol’ album, I thought it would be a good idea to use the same tempos and rhythms as the songs on Duran Duran’s Rio album.  Another false dawn uses the same structure as ‘Save a Prayer’. Not that you can actually tell.

– Peter