Another bad decision

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I guess I made some wrong turns

Turned down alleys with no way back

Bet my life on the red

And watched it turn out black

Hindsight is so bitter sweet

If only I knew this then

If only I had the chance

To do it all again


It’s another bad decision I’ve made

Another price that’s gonna have to be paid

There’s one more dream that I’ve allowed to fade

Some more hope steps back into the shade

I guess I lost my way some

Walked easily on the crooked and wide

Tried to carry it all on my shoulders

You know what comes after pride

Looking back can leave an aftertaste

You just can’t lose

If I had the chance to choose my path

This ain’t the one I’d choose


Originally on : Too much sky (not enough heaven)

Year : 2002

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Concord

This came out of nothing really.  The album had a few interesting things on it but this started off as a quite ordinary ballad until I went back to it a few weeks later to try and add a chorus.  That’s when it took off. It was the hookiest thing I’d written for ages.

– Peter

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