Already yesterday (Time keeps slipping)

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Making plans, building tomorrow

Just gotta get thru today

Live for now, forget the sorrow

Life’s great when you can kick back and play

The good times like tonight

Lost forever, here and now

But by dawn’s early light

They’re gone and you don’t know how


Time keeps slipping

Thru my fingers

Time keeps slipping away

Time keeps slipping

It never lingers

I turn around and it’s already yesterday

Making plans for a new day

Gotta make it through this one

Tonight’s so good what can I say?

You don’t want tomorrow to come

These good times that I got

Last forever in my heart

Might not seem like a lot

But memories like this are a start


Originally on : States of Matter

Year : 2006

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Gateshead

I got the idea for the title, randomly, when I put my car in for a service.  It had to be in overnight so the next day I was walking to the garage and I thought, ‘I was just doing this yesterday. I couldn’t even remember what I’d done inbetween. It’s already yesterday.’ It’s not the most glamorous story but I think we all get that feeling of time flying and wondering where it’s all going, trying to take hold of the now - hence, time keeps slipping.

I couldn’t write the lyric so I told Doug my title and a few days later, the lyrics were e-mail back to me.

– Peter

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