Alone not lonely

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IIt took time and now it’s alright

Still hearing ghosts talk

On the line but ready to fight

Harder than I thought

Won’t follow the crowd, take whatever’s mine

Don’t need to be loud, I know what’s inside


Don’t need the things that they need

Don’t need to feel like I belong

Don’t need to break the mould

Knowing everything is wrong

Don’t need to be afraid

Don’t need to be ashamed

Don’t need to scream out loud

I’m only, not the only one

Alone, not lonely

I’m only, not the only one

I don’t need the touch of a hand

Or a word to make me smile

I’m out on my own

Alone, not lonely

It’s your life, is it taking time

To find your way out?

In the dark? Gone too far?

Turned your life around

You planned your own way

And where did it lead?

Too simple just to say it’s their hearts that beat


Originally on : Empty Room

Year : 2008

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Gateshead

I’d written the ‘Paradise’ album but I wasn’t happy with 90% of it because it was just a collection of random ideas.  I’d just seen a painting by Edward Hopper called ‘Empty room’ and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It gave me loads of stuff to think about and within a few days I’d got the lyrics for ‘Empty Room’ and ‘My room’. It’s all very introspective and self-indulgent.  ‘Alone not lonely’ is a nod to the fact I’ve used that phrase quite a lot across the years - liking my own company and not feeling lonely at all in isolation.  The message in the song is all about watching everyone else conforming to fit in.  Me saying that I don’t need those things, don’t need to be ashamed. Just being confident that the choices I made were the right ones.

– Peter

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