All I need is you

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Used to have dreams of being a movie star

Now all I dream of is you

Used to want flash clothes and a great big car

Now getting near you is all I wanna do

Used to wanna live in the city of lights

Living it up all the time

Now I need you through the days and through the nights

I need to make you mine (all mine)


I don’t need fortune and I don’t need fame

If my hearts gonna break then I’ll take this pain

What have I got to say to get it through?

Lady, all I need is you

Used to have dreams of seeing my name in neon

Wanted to make the big time

Now what I feel for you is so strong

And I wanna be with you ‘til the end of the line

Used to think I had all I was needing

To get me through life day to day

But now I find my heart is bleeding

For every second that you are away


Originally on : History and how to rewrite it

Year : 1996

Words : Dougas Hunter (Ilkley ‘96)

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha PSS-790

Written in : Birtley

I was on a bus listening to Nik Kershaw’s ‘The Riddle’ album - in particular, ‘Wild Horses’ and loved the simple 2 chord intro.  I borrowed it for the song ‘Your Move’ and as I was writing that, another chorus happened which didn’t quite fit so I removed it and used it for a completely different song - ‘All I need is you’.  

The intro was a bit of an art project. I took a bit of melody from the bridge, bass from the chorus, a keyboard motif from the segway and mashed them together, all starting at different times and making sure they sounded as discordant as possible. Eventually, they all align and sound like they should all actually be part of the same section of song. That took ages I remember but the outcome was totally worth it, if a little self indulgent.

– Peter

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