Alcohol lullabies

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So much to think about

So little time to think

When I can’t get thoughts together

I tend to drink

So much going on in the world

And it gets dark by the day

Needing something to bring some light

Something to chase the clouds away


Alcohol lullabies

Eases up the painful cries

Alcohol lullabies

Dries the tears in my eyes

So much rain is falling

So little shelter to find

So many clouds are gathering

In the darkness of my mind

So much anger in my heart

I need to get it calmed

I need to keep loved ones outta my way

In case they get harmed

Chorus 2

Alcohol lullabies

Helps me sever the ties

Alcohol lullabies

I start to believe the lies

Alcohol lullabies

Takes me to peaceful skies

Alcohol lullabies, hope so easily dies


Originally on : Songbook for a lost soul

Year : 2007

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Gateshead

We don’t condone drinking to forget.  We know people do it, but we definitely don’t condone it despite all of our songs about Jack Daniel’s.

– Peter