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Track Listing

1. Whatever

2. Book of songs (Video)

3. What I'm told by you

4. Destiny of truth (Video)

5. Hope

6. Six\Four

7. Promises are snowflakes

8. Love's next victim

9. Forever burn

10. The storm

11. Denial

12. Headlights and high hopes (Listen)

Departure is Urban Fox's addition to the synth-pop landscape. Taking their lead from New Wave acts such as Gary Numan and Depeche Mode, 'Departure' is a return to form and holds together as an eclectic collection of melodic, catchy pop tunes for that lover of kitch 1980s music in all of us.

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Track Listing

1. A.K.A. (Video)

2. Forbidden Fruit (Video)

3. Fact or Fiction (Audio)

4. New Emotion

5. If I Knew Then (Audio)

6. Six String

7. Love of my Life

8. Tomorrow is so far away

9. Keep This Heaven Alive

10. Where Has the Fire Gone?

Six String was a landmark album for Urban Fox spawning songs such as 'A.K.A.' and 'Forbidden Fruit'.  Originally released in 2005, the album has been remixed and digitally remastered to celebrate Urban Fox's 20th Anniversary.  

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Track Listing

1. Where are the Words? (Audio)

2. The 28th Day of Summer (Audio)

3. Let’s Pretend (Audio)

4. Voices

5. Silver

6. New Minor

7. Another Prayer

8. Plan ‘B’ Boulevard

9. Today’s Truth (Audio)

10. Nothing to lose (When it’s already gone)

11. Aftermath

12. I Can Fall

With it's big choruses, glassy production, 80's stylings and catchy choruses, Unconventional is Urban Fox's latest addition to the electronic pop landscape.  'Where are the words' is a throwback to their early catchy pop days, a deliberate lead single but the rest of the album is dark, thought provoking and deeply textured.  

'The 28th day of summer' and 'I can fall' are pure melodic pop whilst 'Another Prayer' and 'New Minor' are dark and industrial with hints of Nine-Inch Nails and a soupçon of 90's Depeche Mode.  'Silver' is a beautifully chilled-out ballad which acts as an antidote to the highly charged 'Plan B Boulevard' and 'Today's Truth' which showcase lyricist Douglas Hunter's ability to turn a phrase.

Urban Fox delve into the Minneapolis palate with 'Let's Pretend', echoing a Jam and Lewis sentiment which would be quite at home on an Alexander O'Neal album. 'Voices' rounds off the track list, classically Urban Fox with all the hallmarks of what makes them tick; what makes them continue to write perfectly glossy pop 20 years on from their 1994 debut 'Fear'.

There are so many obvious influences here such as Gary Numan, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones and Tears for Fears, but Urban Fox manage to keep it all sounding fresh.

Track Listing

1. To See Heaven (Listen)

2. Hurt and History (Listen)

3. I don't think of love any more (Listen)

4. Hands to dust (Listen)

5. The face of love (no face at all) (Listen)

6. Burn with love (Listen)

7. Miracles and fallen dreams (Listen)

8. Criminal Records (Listen)

9. A: Fear; (Part 3) (Listen)

10. Then I found love (Listen)

11. I need to know (Listen)

12. A Whisper of light (Listen)

A powerful return to form for Urban Fox with introspective lyrics about existential fragility with harmonic and melodic minors dominating the crackling synths and dub-beat rhythms.  The lead single ‘I don’t think of love anymore’ is steeped in the Urban Fox philosophy; a driven bass heavy chorus with lively vocals.

Oak Moon was released in February 2016.