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Life, the only virtue sold

To put on hold

The things we’ve been force fed

Life, the times I’ve wasted

Just like I’ve tasted

We’ll be confronted


Nothing in the world could take this memory

Nothing you control could ever stop me falling

Nothing I could do would make the stars burn out

But I’m here, I’ll always be here



Take me, make me love

Hold me, tell me secrets

And nothing matters, nothing keeps me high

Make me, Take you now

Push me, throw me over

And nothing scares me, nothing makes me hide


Life, the times I stood and stared

And wished you cared

Enough to embrace me

Life, the moments spent alone

The silent telephone

Your night to face me


Something I could do among the things you’ve done

Something in the moment that I saw you changing

Something I have wondered since you turned your back

I was there, I’d always been there


Originally on : Six String

Year : 2004

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Birtley

Video on YouTube : Here

The chorus appeared in my head one day while I was doing something else.  It stayed with me and I got the basics down when I got home that day.  We had a rehearsal the next night and I played the chorus to the band. Everyone went quiet and started looking at each other.  When Ian finally spoke, it was nothing but positive which was a relief.  Because the chorus was so simple and powerful, the rest of the song was quite easy to complete and it came together quite quickly.

It’s quite a personal song. I suppose it’s (mainly) about leaving behind something destructive and soul destroying only to find something enriching and wonderful.  Something that not just relative to that awful time, is actually what you’ve always been looking for.

– Peter

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