After the rain

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Where there’s only darkness

There’s another corner somewhere

When the world’s against you

You’ll still find someone who’ll care

Sooner or later you’ll find the way

You’ll know where you want to be

There’s always an end to every storm

Somewhere there’ll be calmer seas


After the rain

There’s a sunny day

You might not see it now

But it’s on its way

If you persevere

Keep your head up high

Sooner or later

There’ll be a clear blue sky

When there’s only night time

And all the days are dull

Queue for the last bus home

For it to pass you by full

Sooner or later you’ll get home

There’ll be no more anxiety and desperation

There’ll be only plain sailing

To get you to your destination


Originally on : Too much sky (Not enough heaven)

Year : 2001

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Concord

The filler of all fillers.

– Peter