After every rainbow

Song Info

Alone with my drink again

In a bar on a December night

No JD here now

Long-time ‘til tomorrow’s light

But I try to stay positive

Look for hope in all I see

But there’s always one problem

It seems to be hiding from me


After every rainbow the sun don’t shine

Not all clouds have a silver line

After every rainbow there’s no pot of gold

You just end up cold

Alone with a song in my head

Alex singing ‘shame on me’

Uncle Jack has left the building

With his is where I wanna be

So I look on the bright side

Hope is what I need to find

But there’s so much darkness

Building up inside my mind

Chorus 2

After every rainbow the sun don’t shine

You gotta find it whatever the time

After every rainbow there ain’t a pot of gold

Won’t stop searching for something to hold


Originally on : Paradise

Year : 2008

Words : Douglas Hunter

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : Gateshead

It wasn’t a great period of music. Things were starting to go a little stale in my studio but thankfully, the jamming sessions that year brought about ‘Blues Town’ and ‘Sell my Soul’ so it kinda made the album worthwhile.

– Peter