After closing time

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An empty road lit by

A car speeding off into tomorrow

A light that fades in to the night

Illuminating the sorrow

Nights are transparent, yet black

Terrifying yet exciting

When all the lights go down

Even emptiness is inviting

Struggle to find the way

A fight to find the way home

A cab shared with friends

Or stumble and stagger alone

The mind starts to wander

What is real? What’s hallucination?

On night of superficial dreams

Is there such a thing as substanciation?


Originally on : Summer night sky

Year : 2003

Words : Douglas Hunter (9th September 2002)

Music : Peter Nuttall (July 2003)

Main Instrument : Electric Guitar

Written in : Concord

One of my absolute favourite fox songs and it’s on one of my absolute favourite Fox albums.  2003 was the most fertile and organic songwriting years. This was a very atmospheric song - I love the stark imagery - to me it’s not the walk home after a night out, it’s those feelings you get when you’re alone staring at a star or out of a window at a street lamp.  I can listen to this song and ‘Rain on the sidewalk’ over and over again.

– Peter

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