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Wander around looking for answers

Looking for someone who’ll care

Perhaps the best way to start

Is to realise the questions are there

Wander around looking for reason

Listen to rhythm, searching for rhyme

Just left alone with emptiness

With nothing for company just time

Try to follow the heart

Yet still listening to the head

Try to stay on the straight and narrow

End up crooked instead

Try hard to make things better

But it’s impossible to change the past

The damage can’t be undone

One way or another, this is how it’ll last

Search for some forgiveness

Maybe that’s the solution

Find out that we’re all fresh out

There ain’t gonna be absolution

Search for some kind of sign

Listen for a better song to be sung

Look around the next corner

Maybe absolution will come


Originally on : Predilection

Year : 1999

Words : Douglas Hunter (November 1998)

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Roland E-500

Written in : Birtley

I apologise for this. I was listening to a lot of Level 42 and ABC at the time.

– Peter