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Had a dream last night don't know what's wrong

It said I should be with her but I've had this desire so long

Staring at the space where the daylight should begin

I'll open up the curtains and let it flood in


It's ninety ten and you're winning right now

I don't even know her but I've seen her around

It's eighty twenty, still in your favour

I'll give it all to you after signing a waiver

It's seventy thirty the dream's creeping in

It's says playing your game means that I'll never win

It's sixty forty the more that I wait

You're too unpredictable, Can't leave this to fate

Had a dream last night still feels I'm asleep

None of this is real, what I sow I will reap

Still understanding the ghosts in my head

Tryin' to tell me something as my moon turns red


It’s fifty-fifty, now I think some more

You are the sky while I'm on the floor

It's forty sixty, can't live at your speed

He who waits gets the heaven he needs

It's thirty seventy, there's nothing we share

She's got the stuff to take this somewhere

It's twenty eighty, that dream told it true

She's invading my thoughts now I don't need you

It's ten ninety how could I have been under your spell


Originally on : Days

Year : 2011

Words : Peter Nuttall

Music : Peter Nuttall

Main Instrument : Yamaha Tyros

Written in : High Spen

The idea for the song is quite simple. You like two people and you’re not sure which to ask out. In the song, there’s a clear first choice but as it goes on and you get to know the second a little better, the first pales by comparison.  This might or might not be autobiographical.

– Peter


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