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The official Urban Fox website

The official Urban Fox website

Harking from the North-East of England, Urban Fox are a three piece pop/rock/synth band who met one cold November Saturday night in 1992, recorded ten songs in three hours and went on to write and record over 50 albums.

The first commercially available of which was 2012’s ‘Light is a Feather’ (as a solo album of lead singer ‘Shadon’) since which we have released another four and a ‘best of’ which you can hear for free at one of the links immediately below.  We’re currently writing and recording our as yet untitled 54th studio album.


James Brown 1933 – 2006

Luther Vandross 1951 – 2005

Robert Palmer 1949 – 2003

Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958 – 2016


Our new album ‘When the World is Done’ is out now.

You can hear it in full for free in the following places.

Bandcamp : urban-fox.bandcamp.com

Spotify : open.spotify.com

All content on this website, videos, lyrics, sounds and words are © 2018 Urban Fox and none of it may be used for any purpose without express permission from the owners.  Contact us at nuttyfox2003@hotmail.co.uk

Urban Fox’s classic album ‘Six String’ has been remastered and re-released.  You can download it below at iTunes

We are slowly re-recording our seminal 1996 album ‘Magic’.  Follow updates on this project on our Blogger page.

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